Get to know Sara


Welcome to Sara’s website! Sara is 24 years old and is currently living in Örebro, Sweden. In December 2016, she graduate from University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Art in strategic communication, with a minor in marketing. She loved her major! What she find so interesting about it is that it is broad and challenging. There is a lot of analyzing, planning, and problem solving. Sara is a strategic thinker, and likes to be challenged, which is why her major suited her so well. Sara’s overall GPA is a 3.85, which got her on the Dean’s List almost every semester, a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, and a member of the Beta Delta Phi Honor Society.

Sara was not only a student, but also a track and field athlete. Track has been a big part go her life since she was 7 years old. Running became her passion and she loves to compete, sometimes a bit too much, both in- and outside the track. It was Track that made her make the decisions to get a degree in the United States.

As a person, Sara is a very calm, ambitious, driven, and goal oriented person. At the same time she can be eager for results, and always striving for the best possible outcome. And giving up has never been an option. As an athlete, and an international student, she knows that things do not always come easy. There has been countless of moments where giving up or taking a short cut has seem like the easiest option, but she still push though and will go the extra mil to get there, to reach the desired result. She is also adventures and love to try new things and see new places. Traveling is one of her favorit things. You never know who to meet, or what might happen, or where you might end up. This thrills her and also drives her to succeed.

Sara has a long merit list from track. But also a long list of indirect and obstacles along the way. To go to college was her dream for several years, but along her journey, she injured both of her hamstrings and got sick several times. This left her with dedication, hard work, and a lot of experience. She made her dream come true and there and a half years later graduated with a BA, honors, and a collegiate career to look back on.


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