Sara Jernfält is 24 years old and currently living in Örebro, Sweden. She graduated from University of South Alabama in December 2016 with a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Communication, with a minor in marketing. Her decision to get her degree from a university in the U.S. was based on her passion for track and field. Sara has practiced track and field since she was seven years old. The sport has more or less guided her through her life and many decisions has been based on the sport.

In 2013 was she accepted to the University of South Alabama and has since then represented the schools’ track and field team in 400m and 4*400m relay team. The women track team did win the Sun Belt Conference 2016. After graduated, Sara moved back to Sweden and continued her track carrier with her local team KFUM Örebro Friidrott.

Sara’s passion for running has always been strong, but she has always been very dedicated to get a higher education. The decision to study strategic communication was an easy choice. It has always interest her to affect people and solving problems. Communication is the number one way to reach people. We are dependent on communicating, and in todays society there are so many ways to do so. Sara find it very interesting to reach people in different ways. Finding that channel that has greatest affect on people and to design the message so it persuades the audience into taking actions.

Sara feel though her education did prepare her well for the professional world that she still has a great deal to learn. She is very eager to learn and always want to learn new things. One of her strength is that si is very curious and stubborn. She hates to give up and when her mind is set on something is won’t stop before it is done. As a person Sara is very social, not scared for trying new things and always try to have her mind open.

Sara lives by the motto “Make it count” and “Never judge the book by its cover, there is always more to see”


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